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Prone Adjusting

It is not unusual for people’s vertebrae to shift as they move about their daily activities. In fact, some people might even have discomfort that stems from their vertebrae shifting out of alignment. When people visit the chiropractor, there are a variety of techniques that the chiropractor might use to adjust the vertebrae and move them back into position. One of these techniques is the prone adjusting technique. This is a pleasant method that the chiropractor will use to move specific vertebrae back into position. Before visiting the chiropractor for this procedure, there is information that patients should know.

Did You Know…

Many people don’t realize that there are numerous procedures that the chiropractor can use to adjust the vertebrae in the back. Every procedure has its place in the chiropractic field and the prone adjusting technique is just one of several methods the chiropractor might employ. Furthermore, many people also don’t realize that the prone adjusting technique is used to adjust specific vertebrae in the back instead of the spine as a whole. Whereas some techniques adjust every vertebra in the spine, the prone adjusting technique is used to target specific vertebrae that need to move back into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are common questions that many patients have prior to undergoing a prone adjusting technique. Some of the most common questions are answered below.

Will this procedure hurt?

This is a common question prior to every procedure. Most people also don’t realize that the prone adjusting technique does not cause the patient any pain or discomfort. Therefore, patients should rest easy during the procedure. This allows patients to relax during the procedure and release their stress as the chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae that might be out of position. If the patient is relaxed, the procedure has a greater chance of being performed successfully.

Why did my vertebrae move out of position?

There are a wide variety of causes for moving vertebrae out of alignment. Some people’s vertebrae will shift out of position more often than others. These are individual-dependent and are best addressed on a case by case basis by the chiropractor. For more information on why the vertebrae moved, contact a chiropractor.

Will my vertebrae move out of position after the procedure?

It is possible that the vertebrae could shift again after the procedure. For some people, one adjustment might be enough. For other patients, more than one adjustment might be required. For ways to prevent the vertebrae from moving in the future, speak with a chiropractor. Preventative medicine is the best medicine and these techniques are best addressed with each patient individually.

Is it appropriate for me to receive more than one type of adjustment?

It is not uncommon for people to require multiple types of adjustment to address a variety of issues. Some patients have issues that are best addressed with multiple chiropractic techniques. A chiropractor will discuss this in detail with each patient at the visit.

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