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Woman Celebrating End To Back Pain

Minimizing Back Pain

Back pain is one of the afflictions most frequently reported to physicians in the United States. It has a myriad of causes, ranging from trauma caused by an accident to poor body mechanics. This latter cause is the most frequent reason we experience back pain. It can result from twisting while lifting an object, sitting […]

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Woman holding numb hand

Is Hand Numbness A Sign Of Spinal Issues?

Hand numbness should not be ignored; if the sensation of numbness has continued for an extended time without relief, or with intermittent breaks, then the cause may come from an undiagnosed spinal condition. Hand numbness can occur when the hand is overused from repetitive tasks, when exposed to extreme temperatures, or from an accident. Symptoms […]

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Two wrecking balls impacting a stylized brain

What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Housed within our skull our brain is the physical source of who we are, and serves to control and operate the body in which we live. Injury to the brain is always a serious concern, but a traumatic brain injury causes significant damage to our brain. Violent blows to the head, or penetration by an […]

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Doctor inspecting patients spine

How to Effectively Describe Back Pain With Your Spine Surgeon

Back pain is often one of the most reoccurring problems people face today, but many doctors experience difficulties in pinpointing the cause of the back pain, which often results in misdiagnosis and improper treatment plans that only work to subside the symptoms, but not understand the cause. Medical advancement has led people far in terms […]

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Person holding back in pain

What To Do If A Spinal Injury Occurs

Your spinal cord is the conduit through which your entire body communicates with your brain, and any injury it may sustain can have serious repercussions. When you think a spinal injury may have occurred, it’s imperative that you take the proper steps to ensure no further damage occurs until medical assistance arrives. Below are a […]

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Elderly Patient Holding Aching Back

What to do in Case of a Spinal Injury?

Spinal injuries can have long-lasting repercussions for those experiencing them, especially if the proper steps aren’t taken immediately after the injury. If you’re trying to assist someone who has a spinal injury, the first thing you need to do is call an ambulance to the scene. Under no circumstances should you attempt to move them […]

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Lesser-Known Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

Diagnosing a brain tumor varies based on the type of tumor present, the size of the tumor, and the location of the tumor. Some brain tumors exhibit a variety of symptoms, while other times, there is no symptoms present. Many times, the symptoms of a brain tumor can be both physical and mental, and so […]

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Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s

DBS, or Deep Brain Stimulation, is one of the ways currently being used to treat the stiffness, tremors, and walking trouble associated with Parkinson’s Disease. This procedure is also used to treat concerns coming from the medicines used to treat the condition. While this procedure is not a cure for the conditions and is not […]

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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the compression of the median nerve, a nerve that’s located on the palm of your hand that provides sensation. As the key nerve that give impulse to your muscles in your thumb and fingers, when the nerve is compressed, the muscles around the nerve swell, leading to numbness, weakness, and tingling […]

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neuro imaging

A Look Into Imaging Technology for Neurological Disorders

For hundreds of years the mysteries of the mind have been veiled behind a layer of hair, skin, and bone in the cradle of our selves that is our brain.  Over 40 years ago this mystery was unveiled thanks to a tool being used by a chemist that was found to be able to make […]

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Woman using an ice pack on her face

How to Make Your Own Gel Ice Pack or Moist Heat Pack

For patients suffering from pain in the back or neck heath and cold therapy is often a go-to solution for easing that pain.  Properly applied it can be a saving grace for those who live with the pain daily, but some patients balk at the high cost of some over-the-counter items that are meant for […]

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A variety of foods next to a chalkboard that says calcium

10 Ways to Get Calcium if You’re Lactose Intolerant

Getting a steady supply of calcium isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential to making sure that your bones stay strong and healthy throughout your life.  While dairy products are an excellent choice of calcium, they aren’t always an option for those seeking to stay healthy, especially the lactose intolerant.  Without the ability to casually […]

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Surgical Treatments For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine doesn’t have the proper degree of curvature, and in cases where this abnormality is severe enough surgery may be called for. Scoliosis surgery is performed with the goal of correcting curvature of the spine that has reached 40-45 degrees depending on the age of the patient. Conditions that […]

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Aneurysms and Risk Factors Associated With Them

Aneurysm is a term that is known to almost anyone who’s ever watched a medical TV show but is incorrectly understood by that same body of people. Due to the unpredictable nature of some aneurysms and the critical nature of what happens when one occurs in a vital area of the body, such as the […]

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Four Symptoms That May Point To Compression Neuropathy

We’ve all experienced that odd sensation that comes from having cut off the blood flow from a hand or foot. It starts as a dull numbness and spirals into a tingling so intense that touching the affected area can be uncomfortable to near painful, and there’s no greater relief then when it finally passes. Sensations […]

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How Bone Growth Therapy Can Enhance Your Recovery

When you’ve had surgery on your spine, there’s typically a long and slow recovery period that follows, especially if there were any bone-grafts or equipment installed. Bone Growth Therapy, along with traditional bracing techniques, has been seeing a rise in popularity as a way to help speed the patients healing process along. If you’re anticipating […]

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The State of Spinal Surgery In The Past Decade

While spinal surgery has existed for hundreds of years, the last few decades have seen remarkable improvement in how conditions affecting the spine are approaching. Technologies in fields ranging from radiology to biotech have all had profound influences on the treatments spinal specialists are performing, as well as their ability to treat certain conditions. The […]

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Cervical spine pain

Cervical Disc Replacement vs Traditional Cervical Fusion

When you’ve experienced a traumatic event involving your spine or your degenerative disc disease has progressed to the point where something surgical must be done, there are two options that a surgeon will suggest. The first is a time-honored practice where the remaining disc is removed and the two adjacent vertebrae are fused together, the […]

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bulging disc

Bone Spurs, Bulging Discs, & Pinched Nerves–What Do These Mean To You?

Our spine is an integral part of our daily experience, its flexibility and resilience carries us through our favorite activities and is involved in almost every move we make.  When something goes wrong with our spines things can get uncomfortable, with spurs and bulging discs leading to numbness and pain as the spinal cord gets […]

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computerized image of a spinal cord infographic

What is the Spinal Cord and What Does it Do?

The spinal cord is a long, tubular bundle of nerves that acts as your primary support system, connecting various parts of the skeleton. It is a part of the central nervous system and is also responsible for  relaying information from the brain to the other parts of the body. The spine has 26 vertebrae and […]

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Smoking cigarette hovering over an ashtray on a black background

Cigarette Smoking’s Impact on Postoperative Healing

It is not new knowledge that smoking can be detrimental to your health. There are several reasons not to smoke and a large number of these reasons revolve around the possible health issues that can arise from smoking. Although minimally invasive spine surgery may not seem like something that would be necessarily affected by smoking, […]

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Male doctor showing female patient a model of the spine to demonstrate postoperative care

Post-Operative Plan: How to Ensure Your Neurosurgical Success

While surgery remains the most important component of your treatment approach, your post-operative actions will affect the overall outcome a significant amount as well. An essential part of ensuring a desirable outcome is making sure the recovery from surgery goes just as smoothly as the surgery itself. With that being said, if you are considering […]

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Surgeon in operating room standing over patient with a fluoroscope and performing minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

In the past, the primary method of all spine surgeries was to make a long incision through the affected area which would allow the surgeon enough access to perform the procedure. Nowadays, however, that method is quickly becoming outdated as new surgical advances emerge, making spine surgery much less invasive than it has been in […]

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Neck Pain and Hand Weakness

Cervical radiculopathy is a term that refers to any type of pain weakness discomfort, or a tingling that is caused by an irritation in the neck.

The human cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae, each of which is separated from the other by gelatinous discs. These vertebrae are responsible for holding up the skull, and they also play a major part in helping the head and neck move properly. The levels of the cervical spine are successively numbered from C1 to C7.

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pills falling out of bottle

Narcotics & Opiates: Risks, Proper Usage, and Regulation

Recent news has highlighted the opioid crisis in America. On a daily basis reports of deaths flow in. It’s sad, but also the result of much misinformation. Oftentimes people are prescribed medications and believe that they can share those medications with friends. The key to fighting the epidemic and managing medications is to understand what […]

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Do I have a spinal compression?

Spinal cord compression is, as the name implies, a compression of your spinal cord resulting from any condition that puts pressure on it. The spinal cord itself is a collection of nerves that move information between your brain and the rest of your muscles and organs. As it continues down your back, it is protected […]

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